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area and cluster events for primary schools

Derek has many years experience in leading sessions dedicated to ensuring large groups of pupils have fun and learn through music. The above picture was taken at an event for over two hundred key stage two pupils on a theme of music from around the world.

Each session lasts for up to 2 hours. A tried and tested format is for everyone to learn the same two songs in advance of the event. The option is also available for each school to bring an item of its own choice for performing to the assembled crowd. Since performing for specific audiences is an important part of the curriculum a festival such as this provides a perfect opportunity for schools to share their music with each other.

Most of these events have a theme. These are decided by representatives of the schools meeting together or by negotiation with DeeP Music. On the day, the whole event is led by Derek.

To give you an idea, themes commonly used in KS1 events include:

Music from other places

Some schools appear to have tried to set a deliberate challenge, but most ideas can usually be accommodated! It is more helpful to everybody if a broader theme can be agreed upon, although it is amazing what songs one might find about "Bonfire Night" or "Flowers".

Special events are available for Christmas.

The event itself usually begins with one of the previously learned songs. Then Derek teaches a few songs to everyone. Individual schools present their special items interspersed with musical links led by Derek who usually concludes the session with singing games and often with a story.


Price (exclusive of travel):

£150 for up to a two-hour session


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