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The DeeP Sound Show

the science and technology of sound

presentation and workshops for Key Stage 2


The show is a lively, interactive presentation, for up to 100 pupils and lasts for one and a quarter hours. The presentation is followed by smaller workshop sessions, each of 45 minutes duration and for no more than a single class at a time. The DeeP Sound Show covers:

  • how sound is created and transmitted from its source to the ear;
  • how the ear receives and processes sound;
  • how, using the ICT resources of music technology, sounds can be captured and changed;

The show is delivered through song, demonstration, discourse, discussion, performing, composing and appraising. The interest and enjoyment of the show are enhanced through seeing the "one-man band" in action and by participating in the recording process.

The complex processes of sound as forms of energy and the physiology of the human hearing mechanism are demonstrated through lively interactive discussion and demonstration. Catchy, original songs (specially composed for the show) are taught to help "fix" these difficult concepts.

The DeeP Sound Show meets requirements of the English National Curriculum Programmes of Study in music, science and ICT.

This show makes use of

  • a full p.a. system,
  • microphones,
  • mixing desk,
  • synthesisers,
  • rhythm programming,
  • sampling,
  • recording,
  • sound processing equipment

and pupils embark on a fascinating listening voyage. Beginning with acoustic, unamplified sounds pupils are introduced to ways of controlling and changing sounds including sound processing, synthesis, the complex layering of live samples and the use of a range of MIDI controllers (including movement sensors).

Following the presentation, smaller groups of pupils will have the opportunity to take part in practical workshops and record their own music, which will be transferred to compact disc. The cd will be a source of interest and pride for the pupils. It will also be a record of evidence of work for teachers, and other interested parties, in this under-exploited, yet required, area of the music curriculum. Listen to a recent DeeP Sound Show ambient recording project here.

Show-plus-workshop price (exclusive of travel or other expenses such as overnight accommodation)

£300 for a whole day
(normally one presentation / up to 3 workshops / compact disc recording of the pupils' work / music for the songs sung in the presentation)

£180 for a two-hour session
(one presentation / one workshop / free compact disc recording of pupils' work
/ music for the songs sung in the presentation)

Book a DeeP Sound Show

Practical considerations

For the show the following will be required:

  • a hall or room large enough to accommodate up to 100 pupils plus the equipment;
  • 6 trestle tables or 7 standard classroom tables or equivalent;
  • setting up and clearing up both take at least an hour (depending on access). If the hall or room is required for lunchtime catering or after-school activities, please take this into account when advising on room layout;
  • the songs used in the show can be sent in advance. Pupils will get more from the session if these can be taught and learned before the day.

For the workshops

  • equipment is available for up to 14 pupils;
  • pupils above this number will be given the opportunity of working on a vocal project to be incorporated into the recording. Please provide a large sheet of paper and markers. We start work on lyrics together, but best use of the time is made if the school provides an adult to facilitate this work;
  • an extra teaching space for the lyric workshop is desirable.

After school

  • this is the time when any necessary editing is done to the recordings and I make the cds of the pupils' work in the sessions.


Should you wish to focus more on one aspect of this project, for example, the workshops minus the main presentation, please get in touch.